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2024 Course - How to Draw Fabric - Patterns and Textures

2024 Course - How to Draw Fabric - Patterns and Textures

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Knowing how to draw textures and patterns on fabrics can bring your art to another level. In order to get realistic results, however, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind such as what is the scale, what volume are you trying to achieve, what is the pose, where are the twists, and most importantly, how does gravity affect the fabric. When starting a drawing, you'll want to answer the questions, “what do I want to draw?”, and “how do I want it to look?” In this drawing class, I'll help you gain the skills to confidently draw patterns on fabric, to interpret textures in your own style, and to draw clothing on figures. The course includes demonstrations, theory, and helpful tips on individual work. This is an intermediate level class, however, beginners who have taken drawing classes before are welcome.

What we will be drawing:

Prints and patterns - stripes, dots, squares and plaids
Florals and sheers
Soft fabrics - fur, knit, wool
Shiny fabrics - satin, leather, sequins

What you will learn in these lessons:

How to effortlessly illustrate prints and textures
Techniques to enrich your drawing style
How to use a variety of media to convey movement and attitude in clothing
All about shadows! How to draw them and where to place them

Price:           $295.00
Start Date:  May 9, 2024
End Date:    June 13, 2024
Schedule:    Thursday from 6pm-9pm Est
Materials:    I will be using markers and colored pencils but you can use whatever materials you are comfortable with. You will receive a list of materials once you sign up for the class
Level:          Intermediate. Beginners with experience welcome

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