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2024 Course - Creative Watercolor Painting

2024 Course - Creative Watercolor Painting

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If you are looking for fun watercolor classes that are relaxed, where you will learn a ton of tips and tricks, AND that have lots of interesting topics, then these are the classes for you. Whether you are a beginner or have taken lessons before, each week we will create pretty pieces that you will be able to display with pride. 

What we will be painting:

A Spring bouquet
A woman with a headwrap or big bow
Shiny Objects 
Self-portrait of your nose and mouth or eyes and eyebrows
A nude

Some of the lessons we will cover include:

How much water is the right amount to use
How to go lighter or darker with the colors
How to do a wash
How to paint in details with watercolors and pens
All about shadows! How to paint them and where to place them
How to paint plants 
How to mix colors to make more colors

Price:           $125.00 for six classes / $25.00 per class
Start Date:  May 8, 2024
End Date:    June 12, 2024
Schedule:    Wednesday from 6pm-9pm Est
Materials:    To begin you will need watercolors, a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, masking tape, a container for water, a mixing palette, and watercolor paper. You will receive a complete list of materials once you sign up for the class
Level:          All levels, beginners welcome


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