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2024 Course - DIY Alternative Silkscreen Workshop

2024 Course - DIY Alternative Silkscreen Workshop

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No experience required! This 2-days online workshop is a fun and easy way to start with silkscreen. 

Join me as I show you how to create alternative screens at home. We will be using the embroidery hoop method with polyester voile fabric to burn flexible screens that you will then be able to use on a variety of items including fondant, paper, fabric, and ceramics. During the two days intensive class, we will cover the basics of screen printing, including artwork preparation, screen exposure, and printing. Once we finish you will have a new tool and the confidence to start producing small editions of your designs.

The workshop will be simple with easy to follow lessons that can be implemented by a complete beginner.

What you will learn during the two days:

Tips on what the best images are for screen-printing and how to prepare your artwork 
Mesh counts
How to create the screen printing stencil using an embroidery hoop and polyester fabric, degreasing, coating the screen with emulsion, how to set up your home darkroom, and exposure times
How to use alternative screens to print your designs, how to set up your space, inks, and curing your work
Using alternative materials on the stencils
How to cleanup your stencils

Price:           $250.00 for two days
Date 1:        June 15-16, 2024
Date 2:        June 22-23, 2024
Schedule:    Saturday and Sunday, from 11am-5pm Est
Materials:   An embroidery hoop, polyester voile fabric or screen print mesh, old credit cards, silkscreen ink, emulsion and diazo, a uv light or 50 watts light, plastic gloves. You will receive a complete list of materials once you sign up for the class
Level:          All levels, beginners welcome


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