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Limited Edition Print - Pink Perfection

Limited Edition Print - Pink Perfection

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The Pink Perfection illustration was the starting point for the Cherry Rose Collection. For the last couple of years I’ve wanted to draw pieces that were representative of where I am in my life right now but could never come up with the right visual language. Once I drew Pink Perfection, however, I knew that she was exactly how I wanted this collection to look. Each element in the drawing comes directly from my personal experiences - the cherry pattern on the pink background came from an apartment my sister and I shared in our 20s, the leopard pattern on her dress was inspired by boots my mother used to wear when I was a kid, the pink feathers are reminiscent of the trim of a cropped jacket I wore in high school, and the rickrack details on her dress as well as the coconut leaves were an ode to my Haitian heritage. These are all small glimpses of my life that have brought me joy and it is my pleasure to share them with you.

Pink Perfection was named after the graceful Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree, an award-winning tree considered to be one of the most floriferous and prettiest of the flowering cherry trees. When you're looking for wall art for your living room or when you're looking to start an art print print collection, Pink Perfection is a great piece to add to your home because of its soft colors and great composition. 



Markers on paper

Original created: 2022

Size of paper: 16 W x 24 H in (40.64x60.96 cm)

Size of print with 1in border: 15 W x 23 H in (38.1x58.42 cm)

Print: Giclee on Fine Art Paper


Printed in Argentina

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