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Limited Edition Print - MiMusa

Limited Edition Print - MiMusa

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The MiMusa drawing is an Ode to my Haitian background and the beauty and resilience of the women. I remember watching my Haitian mother and her Haitian friends with wonder when I was growing up. They were all so glamorous and interesting and beautiful and intelligent and they all seemed to lead full lives. I would look at everything - their choice of makeup, their hairstyles, the details on their clothes, their nails, whether they wore heels or flats or white tennis shoes. I remember the red lipsticks against their mocha skin, the rouge on their cheeks, their hair perfectly straightened, and above all, I remember salivating at their jewelry collections. They were women and I wanted to look like them. This piece is a representation of how I saw them.

This Limited Edition print is named after Musa x paradisiaca, a species of bananas or cooking plantains, which is one of the most important foods in Haitian cuisine. With her lovely turquoise dress and bright background, MiMusa will definitely bring color and joy into your wall art collection.



Markers on paper

Original created: 2022

Size of paper: 16 W x 24 H in (40.64x60.96 cm)

Size of print with 1in border: 15 W x 23 H in (38.1x58.42 cm)

Print: Giclee on Fine Art Paper


Printed in Argentina

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