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Limited Edition Print - Eversweet

Limited Edition Print - Eversweet

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The Eversweet limited edition print was inspired by the self-confidence of women in the 1970s. With her big hair, big earrings, and bold jumpsuit she came ready to be the art. Surrounded by flowers that both contrast and compliment her (because it's all about her, after all), she’s the center of attention and her gaze makes sure that you are only looking at her. What I love most about this illustration is that she is comfortable in her skin and in her femininity. 

Eversweet was named after the Eversweet Strawberries which are sweet, juicy, and bright red strawberries. When you’re looking for a bold piece that is sure to be attention grabbing, Eversweet is the perfect addition to your home.



Markers on paper

Original created: 2022

Size of paper: 16 W x 24 H in (40.64x60.96 cm)

Size of print with 1in border: 15 W x 23 H in (38.1x58.42 cm)

Print: Giclee on Fine Art Paper


Printed in Argentina

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