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Limited Edition Print - Daisy Blast

Limited Edition Print - Daisy Blast

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This lady in this fine art print has the sweetest colors and the sweetest attitude. She looks like she would give you the best hugs and the best fashion advice. Her ombre dress is a beautiful compliment to her skin tone and the checks on her bust match the checks on her thighs so that your eye is drawn to her pretty nails softly relaxing on the floor. She is surrounded by lushness to match her vibrant and lush energy, which is a representation of a positive mind bearing a positive life. 

Daisy Blast is not an actual flower but if it were I would imagine it to be a flower that was vibrant, fragrant, and brought brightness to a landscape. When you’re looking for a pop of color for your office, this illustration is the right choice. She will also look great as wall art above your bed to bring you joy every time you enter your room.



Markers on paper

Original created: 2022

Size of paper: 16 W x 24 H in (40.64x60.96 cm)

Size of print with 1in border: 15 W x 23 H in (38.1x58.42 cm)

Print: Giclee on Fine Art Paper


Printed in Argentina

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