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2024 Custom Illustration

2024 Custom Illustration

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Have you always wanted a portrait of yourself? A unique piece that would celebrate your beauty? Wouldn’t it amazing to own an original of yourself as a celebration of this moment in time in your life?  

A custom portrait is not only an original gift to you, but it is an investment in yourself. Too many times we think of others when buying gifts. There are no limits, no restrictions, for the ones we love. But how often do we reward ourselves? Do we celebrate ourselves, our accomplishments, and our progress? You only have one you so it is just as important (if not, even more important) to acknowledge yourself as it is important to acknowledge your loved ones. With a personalized illustration you will own an original that will last you for years and remind you how amazing you are. 

Prices and sizes are as follow:

11x14in for one person $650 / additional people $300 each (up to 2 additional people)
16x20in for one person $950 / additional people $300 each (up to 2 additional people)
18x24in for one person $1200 / additional people $300 each (up to 2 additional people) . Please note this option is not available for Fashion Portrait theme.

Portraits are drawn by hand with markers on acid-free vellum paper. Vellum is a semitransparent paper traditionally used for architectural drawings, therefore drawings come with an acid-free archival backing. 11x14 portraits include 16x20 matting. Custom framing is not available at this time.

How the Process Works

As the process of personalized illustration takes a long time, I am currently accepting a limited amount of custom portrait orders through March 2024. Pieces are a great gift to give yourself - and of course, if you choose to, someone you love - and illustrations are drawn from your photos in my style, and any photo will do as long as the details in the face are clear. Although different pictures can be combined to make one family or group illustration, please note that at this time I only illustrate girls, women and  female presenting people.

Illustrations usually take 2-3 months from the time your order is confirmed, but due to export laws in Argentina where I am currently based, I will ship all orders from Canada in June/July 2024. If you absolutely need your illustration before then, please contact me so that we can work something out.

Please remember that the drawings are in my style, illustrations will not look exactly like the photographs, but instead will be my interpretation of your beauty. The steps to getting a custom portrait are as follows:

  1. Survey - Once you pay the $300 deposit, I send you a short survey to see what theme and color you want in the background, what features you want to highlight, and if there are any special requests. 
  2. Review - I send you a black and white sketch so you can get an idea of how the work will develop. Please note that everything is done by hand and at this stage you will see the layout of the piece in pencil form. 
  3. Last Payment and Delivery - Each piece usually takes 2-3 months for delivery, at which time the final payment is due. However, this year since I am still living in Argentina where there are a lot of exportation restrictions, I won’t ship original pieces until I travel to Canada during the Summer of 2024. If you're interested in a portrait and need it before this Summer, please let me know and we can arrange for earlier shipping from Argentina.

Artwork Reproductions

You have the option to purchase high-quality giclée prints featuring your artwork, allowing you to share these special moments with loved ones.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to discuss your preferences at I'm looking forward to creating something amazing for you!

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